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Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager - User Opinions

"Great for what its there for"
Internet Download Manager will 'accelerate' downloads as it claims, but only really by making your modem achieve its max potential, so most 56k modems wont go any higher than a stable speed of around 4.5kb/sec. IDM helps in downloading at fairly faster rate which enables the job done done faster by which we save time spent on th web and further this saving enables us to spend more time on other reuired sites. IDM will also resume broken downloads, and supports multi-point/simultaneous-connection downloading. There are probably better apps out there, but I just haven't bothered to find them.

  Robert Johnson

"Certainly the best"
It is the most stable and easy to use Download Manager. It is a must for all Dial Up users. The options are not too confusing for a newbie and yet good enough for a power user. Although it dosen't exactly speed up downloads by 300% or whatever, it is certainely useful when downloading large files - allowing you to resume files.


"Excellent tool with stuff dragged along"
This program has probably saved me loads of time download big files and with its multiple mirror downloads it makes download a breeze. There is one problem however... If it is a complicated website such as with the final format or extension being recognised as a downloadable subject (such as .exe or .zip) it does get rather annoying to press download two times. Nothing too complicated to fix and am confident future versions will have this fixed

  Max Cr0n0

"This is an Excellent Product!"
This is a very easy and good peace of software. It will pull out the max of your bandwidt! Sure, it doesn't do that much difference if you're ISDN user, but I have a cable connection. I used to get an average download speed of about 50 - 75 kbps. Now, with 16 connections speed, I normally get around 1000 kbps. When I had a modem, I had 5.kb per sec, with Internet Download Manager my downloads had 15 kb per sec

  Nisa Fisher

"Low Down on the Down Load"
I'm an addicted user and appeal it very mad. This is the best download manager out there. I purchased it one year ago in a store and pretty happy about it. IDM is fast, small and abs. clean. I am not an advocate of advertisement supported freeware and thus I like IDM. I have used this download manager with my HP Workstation running windows XP for over a year now without any major problems. When on line via modem there is nothing I have used that is faster. When at work on the LAN, the speed is blazing fast! The company is reputable and there's a lot of bang for the buck (or lack thereof). I have had no occasional issues with program stability, but these are not unique to download managers. Excellent overall!

  Winfred Kirk

"Finally NO adware or spyware download manager"
When I had read all this complains about spyware in different download managers I decided to check it myself for IDM. I am a security expert and often check programs for such things. And I should proclaim that IDM is clear! None of my programs detected any spyware or adware. I do not know what people might be talking about, but you can prove it yourself. Just use Ad-Aware or Spybot, and it will confirm my words.


"Reliable and Easy to use!"
This software helped me to update my window XP and wmplayer and so many utility softwares. Tried other ones and this is 1st to open every time i download. it seemed to work well as proposed for my system anyway but i can t say how it will work for you worth trying though. This is quite an intuitive Download manager which is both reliable and easy to use.

  Reggie M.

"Good, full-featured DM"
ive tried other dl managers in the past most are full of spyware but this has none i would fully recommend this to anyone. This program is very good for slower and unstable connections. If you have reliable, fast connections, its not necessary, but could come in handy. Try it, the features could come in handy, if not, its still good incase the download is interrupted.

  Jenny and Brian

"Speeds UP FTP connections"
The speed is fast and the quality is excelent. I was downloading a file from an FTP server and getting speeds of 10k/sec even with a Cable Connection, but now I'm getting close to 50k/sec. I would recommend this product to both broadband and dial-up users. In a remote part of the World Internet Download Manager makes life much easier for eveyone. Two Thumbs UP!


"this product is simply good in everything"
this is the only download manager which is a lot stable and i have not yet encountered any stability problems. This should do good if you have a line which is neither slow nor fast. If you need speed, you wanna speed it up to use easily. Yes, The manager is easy to understand and accomplish this task. A very very useful utility! Also to repeat, this product beats all the others (I have tried) for its reliability!

  Jordan Guanno

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